About Us

About Us

The Bristol Hoteliers Association is a non-profit organisation of the key hotels within the city centre and surrounding areas. It is chaired and managed by the hotel General Managers and is dedicated to promoting and developing the hospitality and tourism industry in Bristol.

The Bristol Hoteliers Association re-formed in January 2017. As a group we now have 35 members and aim to organise meetings and awards that will be of interest and benefit to its members.

Raphael Herzog Chairman of the association since 2019 says “Bristol is an exciting and dynamic destination with unprecedented levels of development bringing new housing, retail, cultural attractions and business to the city. This has enhanced the growth of the hospitality sector and Hoteliers are keen to contribute to the continued success of the city”

“In such a vibrant marketplace the aim of the Bristol Hoteliers Association is to ensure members are brought up to date with the latest developments, discuss awards that are happening in the city and work at ways at which the Hotels and the city can further promote the city as a destination for tourists and for major awards.

“We are also doing our best to promote our industry to young workers, hospitality is such a fantastic industry and we want to promote it for people to make a career”

The Association hosts bi-monthly meetings open to all members, we usually have key speakers presenting to the group of GM. We always welcome new members and new sponsors.

We organise our annual Night of the Stars gala event, this brings 350 to 400 people under one roof for an event of celebrations and fun. During this event we reward individuals, teams or hotels for their contribution to hospitality in the city. This event is the highlight of the year for many GMs and we can’t thank enough the sponsors for their ongoing support to this event.

We welcome all members and prospective members to The Bristol Hoteliers Association and to Bristol and please feel free to contact me at any time if you require further information.

Working with Schools

The Bristol Hoteliers Association has been working with local schools and colleges for a long time. The intitiative is at the top of our agenda in order to promote our fantastic industry to both students and parents.

Our hotels in the association can help schools and students in a variety of different ways. The majority of our hotels will offer work placement and hotel apprenticeships, to aid students to get into the jobs within the industry. Hotels may also offer more school based opportunities such as take over days organised with the colleges, career fayres and mock up interviews.


Raphael Herzog, BHA chair, said:

“Hospitality is such a diverse sector which offers many opportunities to make careers for life in everything from maintenance and grounds work to various spa services, from accounts and IT to marketing.

“A top priority for the BHA at present is to promote hospitality as a rewarding and satisfying career choice and hopefully this event has inspired people and opened their eyes to the tremendous potential awaiting them.”

Many people considered hospitality as a place to just earn money, rather than a long-term career option.

“We are no longer an industry where split shifts are the norm, with long hours and bad pay. We are one of the most diverse and inclusive industries in the world.

It is fascinating how you could move around a hotel in different roles, such as starting as a chef and ending up in HR.”

“You can build a career and there is so much more than just a ‘bar job’; our challenge is getting that message across to people who don’t know the industry or who used to work in it many years ago.”